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    Ian Brockbank May 17, 2008, 10:32 p.m. (Message 52470)

    Hi All, 
    I've just had this request.  Can anybody help?
    Please reply to me and I'll forward on.
    Thank you,
    Ian Brockbank
    Edinburgh, Scotland
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    Moira Theriault May 18, 2008, 12:04 a.m. (Message 52472, in reply to message 52470)

    Ian, I hope you make the replies public or, at least, forward them to
    me.  I remember my father talking about Annie Shand in the 1940's and
    would like to know more about her.
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    Katharine Hoskyn May 18, 2008, 8:31 a.m. (Message 52475, in reply to message 52470)

    I doubt that I am telling you more than you already know.
    John Drewry devised a dance called Annie Shand Scott's Strathspey in the
    Rondel Book of SCD. The book was published in 1967.
    The dance is dedicated to Miss Annie Shand Scott of Aberdeen.  The
    inscription at the end of the dance reads " Miss Annie Shand Scott, or
    "Scottie, as she is affectionately known, is a pianist and one the leading
    exponents of Scottish country dance music in Aberdeen.  This dance was
    composed as a little birthday gift for her".  
    She is also acknowledged at the end of the book (along with Nan Main) for
    allowing John Drewry to print some of her compositions and for helping to
    arrange other tunes in a suitable form for a book that John hoped to publish
    "Book of Tunes for the Rondel Book of Dances". At least four of the dances
    in the Rondel book are set to Annie Shand Scott arrangements.
    The dance is a 4-couple dance, with a description explaining each couple
    dance as top couple only once (so I assume it is one of the early 4 couple
    dances).  It is an enjoyable dance.
    I would be interested to know more.
    Best wishes
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    Katharine Hoskyn May 18, 2008, 1:30 p.m. (Message 52476, in reply to message 52475)

    I have just been reading the music notes for John Drewry's books more
    closely.    For the Rondel Book, some of the recommended tunes are by Annie
    Shand and some by Annie Shand Scott.  I have never read the notes so closely
    until the query on Strathspey and until now assumed they were the same
    Given the dates for some of the publications, I am now starting to doubt
    Can anyone clarify?
    Best wishes
    Katharine Hoskyn
    Franklin County, NZ
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    Ian Brockbank May 19, 2008, 6:09 p.m. (Message 52486, in reply to message 52475)

    Hi Katherine,
    Thank you for the detailed response.  Other responses I had on the
    scots_music mailing list were:
    "In the musicians' gallery was King George's favorite dance orchestra,
    Mrs. Annie Shand's Band from Aberdeen, which has played at every
    servants' ball at Balmoral since the War." (Time 1934 article)
    Annie Shand Scott Band (1953) Recorded for Beltona.
    There's some info and recordings here:
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  • ... May 19, 2008, 10:13 a.m. (Message 52484, in reply to message 52470)

    Annie Shand arranged the music for the Border Book, and for the Book of 
    Alternative Tunes for Books 1 to 7 (vide Winifred Bird Matthew's book 
    for Books 8 to 14).
    Ian McDonald
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    Jean Martin May 20, 2008, 6:57 p.m. (Message 52497, in reply to message 52470)

    Hi there,
    Annie Shand (Mrs) and Annie Shand Scott (Miss) were definitely two different
    people - both from Aberdeen.  Annie Shand of Old Scottish Music fame was
    much older than Annie Shand Scott.  I don't know whether they were related
    but that could possibly be discovered.  However, I think it's unlikely there
    was a link with Jimmie Shand.
    There's an obituary for Annie Shand in one of the old Bulletins - a copy of
    which is in the Archives but I'm afraid I don't know the year.  Certainly by
    the time I came to Aberdeen in the mid 1960s, Annie Shand had died.
    'Scotty' - Annie Shand Scott - on the other hand was very much alive and
    played regularly for Aberdeen Branch classes.  Her band was the resident one
    at the Northern Hotel for many years, but she too would have been dead by
    the late seventies or early eighties. Ian's researches refer to two people
    which I'm sure he has realised.
    I'll follow this up as soon as I can find some time to ask around.  I'm sure
    some of the older members of the Branch will have more information.
    Jean Martin
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    Jim Healy May 21, 2008, 4:59 p.m. (Message 52498, in reply to message 52497)

    Jean Martin writes:
    > There's an obituary for Annie Shand in one of the old Bulletins ...
    There is indeed and it follows.
    Jim Healy
    Perth, Scotland
    Bulletin No. 11
    March 1937
    Mrs Annie Shand
    To those of us who attended the General Meeting of the Society in
    Glasgow in November, it seems almost incredible to think that we shall
    never again have the delight of dancing to Mrs Shand’s playing. By her
    death, on November 28th, the Society lost a most ardent supporter, and
    we of the Aberdeen Branch feel her loss most keenly.
    >From the founding of the Society until two years ago she worked for
    its interests with unflagging zeal. No exertion was too hard for her
    if it was undertaken in the cause of Scottish Country Dancing; nothing
    delighted her more than to be asked for her help, and she was always
    willing to turn out in fair weather or foul to come and play in some
    remote country village or for some struggling Guide Company. Her
    enthusiasm, indeed, led her to overtax her strength, and in March 1935
    she had to give up her work. This period of enforced idleness was a
    misery to her, but through it all she retained her intense interest in
    our doings, and after every meeting and every party some of us had
    always to go “to tell Mrs Shand all about it”. It was a joy to
    everyone that she recovered sufficiently to be able to attend last
    year’s Summer and Autumn Schools, and to play for us again in her own
    inimitable fashion. She was so much more than merely a Scottish
    Country Dance pianist - she was an artist. Her knowledge of the dances
    and of their technique was profound, and this knowledge enabled her to
    give each separate dance its own special lilt and rhythm.
    One thing we have to be thankful for - that she was able to make
    records of so many of our dance tunes. Modern Science has earned our
    gratitude by making it possible for future generations to hear the
    finest Scottish pianist of our day, while those who knew and loved her
    can switch on our gramophones and see, in fancy, her charming smile as
    we hear the blithe beat of Petronella or the stately measures of
    Glasgow Highlanders, played by her magic fingers.
    M. F. B.
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    Bruce Herbold May 21, 2008, 7:48 p.m. (Message 52499, in reply to message 52498)

    so this only raises the question of where these recordings reside and
    under whose copyright --
    " Modern Science has earned our gratitude by making it possible for
    future generations to hear the finest Scottish pianist of our day"
    They did their part but us 'future generations' have our end of the
    bargain to uphold.  Anyone know anything about how one can hear this?
    Bruce Herbold
    San Francisco
    PS (Although I remain a stalwart fan of Nancy Dickson, she did come
    along 50 years later.  And thank the lord for Muriel's dancing
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    Meinhard Reiser May 21, 2008, 8:11 p.m. (Message 52500, in reply to message 52499)

    You will find some recordings with Annie Shand on piano at Internet Archive
    Meinhard Reiser
    Stuttgart, Germany
    Bruce Herbold schrieb:
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    Bruce Herbold May 21, 2008, 8:45 p.m. (Message 52501, in reply to message 52500)

    thank you!  That is delightful!  Ah, the wonders of the web.
    I can only wish for video of dalkeith being done at that tempo in that style.
    I bet those opening circles looked more like polka turns for three
    people -- which would doubtless be fun.
    Bruce Herbold
    San Francisco

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