Useful Hints

Here are some more useful documents about Scottish country dancing.

Sociability is what SCD is all about – but putting on a ball or other social event can at times be a source of anxiety to the organizers. However, some gracious contributors to Strathspey have submitted material which will probably let you sleep more soundly:

At various times discussion on the Strathspey list has focused on the RSCDS exam progress. Here is some material about the RSCDS Preliminary Test and Teacher’s Certificate examinations:

  • Strathspey discussion about the RSCDS teachers' exam process, summarized by Ian Brockbank. Note that this is quite a few years old, and various changes have been instituted in the meantime, so this should not be taken as an accurate description of the status quo (it isn’t). I’m leaving this here out of historical interest.
  • Past questions from examination papers for the Preliminary Test and the Full Certificate. Note that these are just the questions, not the answers (you will have to think of these by yourself). Also note that the exam process has changed considerably since these were collected. Your mileage may vary.