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SCD Music


Muriel Johnstone’s site selling CDs and books of her tunes, as well as books of dances devised by Muriel, her husband Bill, and friends. Difficult to ignore if you’re an SCD pianist.

JC's ABC Tune Finder

John Chambers’ (not the Cisco CEO but the Boston-based dance musician’s) nifty tune database. Searches a large repository of tunes in ABC format, including much of the common SCD repertoire. Will produce results in various formats besides ABC.

General Scottish Music

Traditional Tune Archive

A huge encyclopedia of fiddle tunes from the Celtic, British, and American traditions. By Andrew Kuntz and Valerio Pelliccioni. In many ways the successor of the earlier Ceolas-based Fiddler's Companion. Includes notes, anecdotes, and in many cases the tunes themselves in ABC notation. This is a wonderful resource.


Claims to be “the home of celtic music on the Internet, since 1994”. Contains lots of tunes, artist information, reviews, regional information and so on, as well as many links to other interesting web sites. Not bad at all, but somewhat stale in places. Use with caution.

Highland Music Trust

A charity based in Inverness promoting Scottish fiddle music. Offers high-quality reissues of old fiddle collections (like those by William Marshall or Robert Mackintosh) as well as collections of modern tunes. This is where you go for the real deal.

The Music of James Scott Skinner The “Strathspey King”

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen, this is a wonderful site with loads of information about the man and his music. Includes scans of much of his repertoire.

This outfit used to sell sheet music of tunes by various contemporary and traditional Scottish composers at £0.50 a pop, but apparently now makes its portfolio (or some of it) available free of charge. The tunes are published in Sibelius Scorch format and are thus presumably useless unless you run Sibelius.

Software and Other Useful Things

ABC Notation Home Page

ABC is a very popular system for representing musical notation as plain text files on a computer. These can be conveniently entered, changed, shared, and converted to more conventional representations using a variety of (usually freely available) software tools. This site explains all about the ABC notation and points to various programs that perform useful tasks (such as translating ABC to graphics formats such as PostScript or PDF). Oh, and there are tunes, too.


On this page, Jef Moine publishes his “abcm2ps” program, which is what Anselm uses to make his SCD arrangements.