Dance Descriptions

Here are links to some dance descriptions (or collections of dance descriptions) that are available on-line. In many cases these are the full instructions, published by the dance devisers, but some of them are reworded “cribs”, so caveat emptor applies (or should that be caveat downloader?).

If you have anything to add to this page then do let me know!

The Strathspey Anniversary Collection

  • A book compiled from submissions by members of the Strathspey mailing list, on the occasion of the list’s 10th anniversary in 2003. (The book only came out in 2011.)

Individual Dances

  • There Are No Kangaroos in Austria, by Felix Hamelbeck and other dancers of RSCDS Vienna Branch. Available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats (the latter generated from the former using 1.1)

On-Line Dance Collections

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Lists of Dances

Here is a list of Christmas/Winter-themed dances from Claire Eymin of Grenoble (France).