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Russian Ballet (was Ceilidh Programme)

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    Karin Ingram May 9, 2007, 12:11 p.m. (Message 48698)

    Sophie asked about The Russian Ballet.  Here are the instructions that we
    printed in “Dance On!” in October 2005.
    The Russian Ballet
    Dance for three people, one man with two ladies.
    All trios facing the line of dance with man between the ladies and nearer
    hands joined.
    6/8 Marches
    The origin of this dance is unknown, although it does predate World War II.
    In some areas it is also known as “Butlin’s Ballet”, but whether it was
    devised there or just popular is unclear.  The shorter version is seen more
    often, but the full version is far more fun!
    1-4               All march forwards for eight steps
    5-8               Still holding hands in line, the trios set twice (four pas
    de bas steps), all moving to the right first.
    9-16      Each trio dances a reel of three, beginning with the man passing
    left shoulders with his right hand partner.
    17-24    Again holding hands in line, each three dances “double arches”.
    (The man raises his left hand – and therefore the right hand of his
    left-hand partner – to make an arch. The right-hand lady passes in front of
    the man and underneath this arch, closely followed by the man who of course
    is going underneath his own raised arm.  This move is then repeated with the
    man raising his right arm, passing his left-hand lady underneath, and
    following her through.)
    25-26    Still holding hands, each dancer jumps and kicks the right foot
    across the left foot, and then jumps and kicks the left foot across the
    27-28    Bars 25-26 are repeated.
    29-32    The man kisses his right-hand partner, kisses his left-hand
    partner, and moves on to the two ladies in front.
    The above thirty-two bars are repeated for the duration of the music.
    Shorter Version
    1-4               The trios march forwards for four steps and backwards for
    four steps
    5-8               Bars 1-4 are repeated
    9-12            Still holding hands in line, the trios dance “double
    13-16        The men move on to the ladies in front.
    Best wishes,
    Karin Ingram
    Editor “Dance On!”
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    Sophie Rickebusch May 9, 2007, 12:52 p.m. (Message 48700, in reply to message 48698)

    Thanks Karin, looks like a good dance for a New Year's Eve party (or indeed a
    Selon Karin Ingram <>:
    > Sophie asked about The Russian Ballet.  Here are the instructions that we
    > printed in “Dance On!” in October 2005.
    Sophie Rickebusch
    FR - St Martin d'Heres

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