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  • David Yee

    David Yee April 17, 2006, 7:08 p.m. (Message 45065)

    Re: International Dance Council - Final instructions

    So much venom directed at the IDC/CID!
    My impression is that all the related e-mail I received came from the Strathspey server.
    I doubt that Adamantia Angeli (what a great name!) would have my
    address - unless I were to contact her asking to remove me from her
    And she has a point - what are the problems?  Does the International
    Dance Council exist legally?  Are they having a 20th World Congress on
    Dance Research?  Did previously advertised events take place?  Was
    anyone ripped off?
    I'd like to know.  The only familiar name is Dora Stratou, who seems
    to have a Dance Theatre in Athens.
    David (Toronto)
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