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  • Alexandre Rafalovitch

    Alexandre Rafalovitch April 17, 2006, 5:57 a.m. (Message 45062)

    International Dance Council - Final instructions

    I have been in contact with the people from the CID. Basically, we
    have everybody's wires crossed.
    Basically, CID are not spammers, but are rather enthusiastic word
    spreaders. It is possible to end up on their list because somebody
    nominated you, or - my suspicion - because you looked to be on the
    right list. They practice a very relaxed form of opt-in rather than
    opt-out or even double opt-in process. (Term reference:
    I have requested to let me do a bulk unsubscribe on behalf of the
    list, but they were not quite comfortable with that. So, it needs to
    be done by the individuals.
    To unsubscribe, please email directly to; do
    not use CC/forward of the RSCDS email, that just causes confusion.
    They say that they have an exclusion list, so the first completed
    unsubscribe should be sufficient.
    Something like the following might do:
    I believe I had been accidentally added to one of your mailing lists
    for this email address ( I would appreciate to be removed
    from all the contact lists you have and to be put on the explicit
    exclusion list.
    Please confirm that my email has been removed.
    Thank you,
    I have requested RSCDS to be put on their exclusion list (no response
    to that one yet). I have also pointed at the resources for double
    opt-in, as well as resources to more modern ways of news distribution
    (RSS). Both of those items are supposedly were passed on to the
    technical team. Hopefully, it will make a difference eventually.
    Hopefully this will be the end of that. If there are still any
    questions, issues, non-responses, I will be happy to moderate. I
    understand some people are quite incensed, but let's not "call FBI
    over it" (Last semi-joking reference is from :
    P.s. For those who follow the internet meme, this has become a "Snakes
    on the plane" situation.

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