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  • James Tween

    James Tween June 29, 2006, 9:58 p.m. (Message 45698)

    Re: Dolphin reels revisited

    This came to me direct rather than to the list, but it's another part
    of this discussion, so ...
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    From: Dick Daniel 
    Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 8:42 PM
    Subject: Re: Dolphin reels revisited
    This is all another prime example of the product of our highly paid
    professionals at RSCDS HQ in Edinburgh applying their superior
    Everyone knew what tandem reels were [You don't overtake on the
    corners]  - and alternately what Pelorus Jack reels were [You do
    overtake on the corners], until they helpfully redefined things in
    their new manual [The Bible for RSCDS pedants] and declared tandem
    reels to be Pelorus Jack reels.  So now everyone is in a quandary.
    What a bunch of plonkers we members employ.  Perhaps if they were dancers ...........
    No doubt it will all have to be sorted out by unpaid voluntary
    committee members, who seem to be the ones who do all the real
    productive work - as opposed to wasting big bucks on glossy magazines
    and stopping the annual dance books at a stroke.
    Dick Daniel
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      Subject:  Re: Dolphin reels revisited
      Date:  Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:37:46 +0100
      >But there's no kind of bike where the back becomes the front every 
      >couple of bars, is there?
      >If I heard someone say "reels of three in tandem" or something, I'd 
      >go for the follow-the-leader option.  How does "dolphin" even 
      >suggest swapping over?
      >I guess technically, the dancing couple are each doing parallel 
      >reels of three on the same diagonal -- if the man begins in front, 
      >his reel is a couple of steps longer at the end where he becomes the 
      >back, and a couple of steps shorter when he becomes the front, and 
      >the lady's reel is similar but at opposite ends.  However, "1C dance 
      >a reel of three in parallel on the same axis" or something is 
      >stupidly daft.
      >Fun, fun, fun!
      >- James -
      >Preston, UK
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      >Subject: RE: Dolphin reels revisited
      >>Pillion reels :>)  - on a bicycle built for two - which is a ??????
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      >>Simon Scott
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      >>Subject: RE: Dolphin reels revisited
      >>So what are the reels called when it's purely follow-the-leader, no
      >>changing?  That set up sounds more like what one might call tandem, 
      >>that's just me.
      >>I'd always assumed that dolphin reels were called that because of 
      >>Jack and the dolphin connection there, or is that wrong?  What are 
      >>called in Flight of the Falcon?
      >>- James -
      >>I have always thought the same as James.
      >>"Reels of three" have different types: parallel, mirror, 
      >>cross-over, right,
      >>left, full, half, tandem, etc.
      >>"Tandem reels" could then have dolphin and maybe other sub-types.
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