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  • Lee Fuell

    Lee Fuell June 27, 2006, 8:38 p.m. (Message 45678)

    Re: Dolphin reels revisited

    In Flight of the Falcon, I've heard them referred to as falcon reels.
    Yet more potential for confusion, eh?
    Lee Fuell
    Beavercreek, OH, USA
    Arlington, VA, USA
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    >From: James Tween <>
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    >Subject: Re: Dolphin reels revisited
    >So what are the reels called when it's purely follow-the-leader, no 
    >changing?  That set up sounds more like what one might call tandem, but 
    >that's just me.
    >I'd always assumed that dolphin reels were called that because of Pelorus 
    >Jack and the dolphin connection there, or is that wrong?  What are they 
    >called in Flight of the Falcon?
    >- James -
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    >From: "Peter Price" <>
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    >Subject: Dolphin reels revisited
    >> My apologies to all, and I will try to clarify my position.
    >> In "Dancing Dolphins" Barry Skelton's directions are very specific.
    >> - 1st couple are side by side at the start and stay parallel with the
    >> set throughout the reel-
    >> therefore NOT tandem reels but something very different with a very
    >> pronounced and different feel in the dancing.  My error in not
    >> checking every dance to see if the reels were identical but I was
    >> focused on the particular dance.
    >> I find that this is the only dance in the book where Barry specifies
    >> that parallelism. One possible interpretation then is that "Dancing
    >> Dolphins" is a special case and that in all other dances the reels are
    >> to be tandem reels- that is one dancer following the other except for
    >> the lead changes.
    >> I have no problem with calling a tandem reel a tandem reel (and in
    >> "Pelorus Jack" the reels are tandem). My problem was with teachers
    >> calling the reels in "Dancing Dolphins" tandem reels and having the
    >> dancers then dance the reels as tandem reels.
    >> There are several dances in which Barry Skelton sets up 1C, one behind
    >> the other, for tandem reels (The Sailor's Guide, An Ocean Frolic,
    >> Crossing the Line and Opo). There are also several dances (The Playful
    >> Porpoise, Over the Waves and Orca) where he sets up 1C side by side at
    >> the entry into the reels but doesn't specify 1C staying parallel but
    >> where, in my opinion, the dances would lend themselves to side by side
    >> reeling a la "Dancing Dolphins" even though it is not specified.
    >> Peter Price

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