Musical Styles for SCD

I pieced together the following MP3 file for the benefit of our teacher training programme:


It contains 16-bar snippets of various types of dance tune, brazenly pinched from various recordings. (If you're one of the musicians featured here and object to this type of free advertising, let me know.)

Jig Time

  • Jig: Machine without Horses (Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith)
  • Double Jig: The Merry Oddfellows (Muriel Johnstone & Band)
  • Two-Step: Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder (Sandy Nixon & Band)
  • 6/8 March: Bonnie Anne (David Cunningham & Band)

Reel Time

  • Reel: General Stuart's Reel (Muriel Johnstone Trio)
  • Scotch Measure: Corn Riggs (Stan Hamilton & Band)
  • March: The Meeting of the Waters (Don Bartlett & the Scotians)
  • Hornpipe: West's Hornpipe (Terpsichore)

Strathspey Time

  • Strathspey: The Auld Toon o' Ayr (The White Cockade)
  • Highland Schottische: Alison Rose (David Cunningham & Band)
  • Pastoral/Slow Air: Autumn in Appin (Alastair Wood & Band)