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  • Ian Brockbank

    Ian Brockbank April 18, 2006, 12:04 p.m. (Message 45072)

    FW: Instruction and music for the "Irish Washerwoman."

    Hi All,
    I've just had this request.  Although I know the tune, I'm not familiar with
    the dance.  Can anyone help?
    Ian Brockbank 
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    From: Olga Schimmer [] 
    Sent: 13 April 2006 19:24
    Subject: Instruction and music for the "Irish Washerwoman."
    I had instructions and music on how to teach the square dance "The Irish
    Washerwoman," but I have lost both.  I am teaching children square and folk
    dancing from international country, and I always remember how much I enjoyed
    this parrticular dance.
    Will you send me any information on how to get the music and steps for this
    Olga I. Schimmer

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