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  • Chris1Ronald

    Chris1Ronald March 20, 2006, 1:20 a.m. (Message 44746)

    The RSCDS Constitution and Young People

    Hello Strathspeyers,
    This message is addressed to the RSCDS members on the list - which I  assume 
    means most subscribers. 
    HQ is proposing a number of changes to the Constitution, which it plans to  
    submit to the AGM in November. They have just been posted in draft form on the  
    HQ website "for consultation with Branches and members".  Overall,  they seem 
    designed to further streamline the management arrangements that  were 
    introduced three years ago. 
    Among the changes - if I have understood them correctly - is one to  
    eliminate the provision that authorizes the Management Board to appoint  Directors for 
    Schools, Music, Archives and Youth.  The provision would be  replaced with a 
    more generic statement, to give the Board authority to  make appointments it 
    deems in the best interests of the  Society.  The argument is that this will 
    give the Board more  flexibility in making appointments, which seems fair 
    At the same time, I'm mindful of the many comments on the Strathspey  over 
    the last few months about how to make our dance form more  appealing to younger 
    dancers.  I wonder whether the time isn't  ripe to do something more to 
    improve the Society's image among young  people.  
    My proposal is that one seat on the Management Board be reserved for a  young 
    person (say, under 30 years of age.)   I believe this would  be a good way of 
    ensuring that the voice of young people  gets heard. 
    What do others think?  
    Chris Ronald, New York (definitely not qualified to occupy such a post, but  
    still young at heart!) 

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