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The RSCDS dance publication process

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    mlamontbrown Aug. 8, 2008, 3:24 p.m. (Message 53349)

    Andrew wrote:
    > May I add that the suggestion was made in class at St Andrews, in the year
    > of publication, by our teacher , Christine Mair,  that the dancing couple
    > give nearer hands briefly as they come round together from turning the third
    > couple and before they go in to the double triangles formation.
    > I am thoroughly in favour of this and, as I said at the time, wish that I
    > had thought of it for myself.
    I though that the turns with third couple were supposed to be 4 bar turns (i.e. the
    third couple danced for 4 steps) - don't you think it would look a little strange /
    be a bit difficult to hold on to third couple while taking hands with partner and
    then releasing them to take hands in double triangles?
    Malcolm L Brown
    York  (UK)
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    Andrew Smith Aug. 8, 2008, 7:07 p.m. (Message 53353, in reply to message 53349)

    Yes, the turns are 4-bar turns and "give...briefly" are the operative words, 
    though "touch" might have been better.
    Malcolm interpreted this as "taking hands" which to my mind implies a longer 
    contact, and no, I find it neither strange nor difficult. In a very large 
    set it might be, but even when the dance was done as part of the Thursday 
    night dem in the Younger Hall in a generously spaced set each dancing couple 
    were very nearly shoulder to shoulder as they came round, so hand contact 
    would not have been at all difficult.
    I do not intend to get in to a "which beat of which bar" debate. It is a 
    suggestion which I approve and it is up to dancers to use it or not 
    according to their own preference and skill level.
    Andrew Smith,
    Bristol, UK.

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