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    RODERICK JOHNSTON Aug. 8, 2008, 7:11 p.m. (Message 53354)

    Re: Scottish bagpipes?

    I didn't see the opening but I do know that there was an article in
    the Scottish press stating that a small pipe band from the NE of
    Scotland had been invited to play at the opening ceremony.  It had
    been kept very secrect.
    Rod Johnston 
    Fort William
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    Sent: Friday, 8 August, 2008 5:38:04 PM
    Subject: Scottish bagpipes?
    I have been watching the opening ceremony from Beijing (the Chinese 
    ceretainly know how to organize things -- wow! or "chapeau bas!", as we 
    say) during which I heard plenty of bagpipe music, but did not see a 
    single kilted musician. Was it my imagination, or did anyone else hear 
    Scottish music and get to see who was playing, in particular, during 
    the entry of the innumerable competing teams (I did not even know some 
    of those countries existed!)?
    I'm not normally a sport spectator, and did have a sneaky feeling that 
    I ought not to be watching, what with all the commercialization, the 
    dope, and the human rights business, but somehow I found this world 
    event very moving.
    Martin (whose excuse for watching TV in the daytime, was that the 
    outside thermometer was showing 38°c !)

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