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  • campbell

    campbell June 15, 2006, 3:49 p.m. (Message 45558)

    RE: Glasgow Highlanders

    Robert wrote > Hi Ian,
    > I worry about your level of thrill in dancing if getting into line is so
    > important! Yes the ones and twos are very slightly different, but to me
    > insignificantly so. I prefer to be dancing instead of standing, and that
    > negates the slight difference. Your could always vary things by trying a
    > new
    > Highland step, and you will have much more opportunity for that if you are
    > dancing and not standing.
    Is this not a general issue though around 2 couple progression dances?  If
    I have 5 couples in my class I often use 2 couple progression dances to
    allow everyone to participate.  But it does mean that the couples starting
    as 1 and 5 have little chance to dance the "opposite direction" position. 
    If the number of couples reach 7 they have no chance.
    Campbell Tyler
    Cape Town

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