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  • ewen rennie

    ewen rennie Jan. 28, 2005, 9:35 p.m. (Message 40464)


    Many Thanks
    We'll give it a go soon
    Ewen Rennie
    Aurora, Aberdeen
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    > If you can provide I'd be grateful
    There has been discussion on this before.  Usually we give a signature and
    area of residence to be on the safe side.
    Anyway, herewith the final final version -
    LONDON 1930 - 4 p.m.                                  by Ron Mackey (Jan
    or Everything Stops for Tea
    A Strathspey in Four Acts                                         S32 -3c-4c
    Act One - The Park
    1- 8 Second Couple, followed by first couple, lead down the
    middle for three bars and they all turn to lead up on bar four.  First
    couple cast off on reaching the top and second couple finish in first
    Act Two - The Teashop Foyer
     9-16 Ones facing down to start, all dance a Grand Chain.
    Act Three - Finding One's Table
    17-24 Ones dance a half figure of eight around the Threes, giving
    Right Hands in passing, followed by a half figure eight around the
    Twos, again giving Right Hands.
    Act Four - The Teapots
    25-32 From second place, own side, Ones dance right hands across
    with the couple on their right. (i.e. 1M with the Threes and 1L with
    the Twos.)  Ones pass each other by the right shoulder and dance
    left hands across with the couple on their left. (i.e. 1M with the
    Twos and 1L with the Threes.)
    Recommended tune "Everything Stops for Tea"
    * Although the original intention is for 2nd couple to dance into 1st
    place from the lead up, I have no objection to 2nd couple casting into
    1st place if it doesn't break the flow.
    Happy Dancing,
    Ron   :)
    Ron Mackey
    Mottingham, London
    London & Croydon Branches

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