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    Ron Mackey Feb. 2, 2006, 1:07 a.m. (Message 44032)

    like a piece of 
    > fruit. I know that the only type of injury you could inflict on somebody 
    > using *my* sgian dubh would be a contusion. (Then again, I wouldn't want to 
    > have to discuss the finer points of Scottish attire with anyone who thinks a 
    > nail file or crotcheting needle is a lethal weapon, so if I'm flying the sg. 
    > d. goes into the checked suitcase.)
    > Now, on the other hand, those bagpipes ...
    > Anselm
    	You're in a light-hearted mood, Anselm?
    Re sgians, have a care if you value them.
    Not long ago I was told by a friend that on the arrival in New York the 
    sgian he had in his suitcase was confiscated and he was not able to re-
    claim it.  It was a family piece of some 120 years at least.   No 
    compensation or discussion. 
    He was told -  NO Knives Allowed!
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    Pia Walker Feb. 2, 2006, 8:35 a.m. (Message 44039, in reply to message 44032)

    So are there any dancing custom-officers out there? :>) with a brand new old
    'stocking knife'

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