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Making RSCDS number look better (was Murder in Canada - Off Topic)

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    Alexandre Rafalovitch June 8, 2006, 11:04 p.m. (Message 45474)

    > Can we find a way to pphrase the numbers so that people
    > think we're counting the dance events, but  we're  actually  counting
    > the  individual dances done at each event?  Even better, can we count
    > the dancers on the floor for each individual dance,  and  report  the
    > total  such  a  way that readers think we're counting the SCD events?
    > I'd bet that a good PR person could manage this ...
    Well, this is sort of on topic.
    We could report number of times a dance was danced. That would of
    course be a separate count for each set. So, say 9 sets per event, 20
    events per year including (say) The Robertson Rant and we have:
    The Robertson Rant was danced 180 times last year. That's nearly every
    second day, even if you go easy on Xmas/New Year. And that's just one
    dance. And just in USA/Germany/CountryX. When you consider more than
    10 thousand dances in the current RSCDS collection and worldwide
    membership, this makes for a lot of demand on slipstop.
    This extract can be used (without attribution) for any RSCDS promoting
    purpose. :-)
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    Pia Walker June 9, 2006, 10:25 a.m. (Message 45475, in reply to message 45474)

    And if you put 'at least 180 times' (to account for walk throughs :>)) it
    sounds even better
    or you could
     Calculate the number of Branches and groups, multiply with 52 (weekly
    classes - 52 makes up for some branches having more than 1 class, but not
    for a full year and the groups we don't know about) - add 1 function per
    number of branch/group pr year and you should have an impressive number of
    gatherings world-wide - if you then want to take an approximate number of
    dances done in an evening and multiply that with your previous total, you
    have an even better figure to talk about.
    Or you could shorten that to:   You can dance every day of the week all year
    round throughout the world.

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