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Teaching and guns

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    Ron Mackey March 15, 2006, 2:02 a.m. (Message 44714)

    > The trick, apparently, is getting people to find out that while they *think* 
    > they're having lots of fun when they're just stampeding around the set like a 
    > herd of hippos, that once they've got the hang of current SCD technique they 
    > will be having even *more* fun. I don't have a foolproof method for doing 
    > this.
    > Anselm
    	Well, I think patience and low cunning are two attributes any 
    good teacher possesses.  A foolproof method of sending 90 percent of 
    a beginners class running (especially if they are over 40? say) is doing 
    20 minutes  of step practise every class, need it or not.   Just enough to 
    get them moving is usually enough.   Later, just enough to iron out any 
    faults is enough.   The difficult part is to get them to want to improve.  
    Once the desire is there the job is virtually done.
    	Two other assets are a big smile and a ready sense of humour.
    The worst possession is a serious unbridled enthusiasm.

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