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  • john.m.sturrock

    john.m.sturrock May 12, 2006, 2:26 p.m. (Message 45262)

    Re: Attracting Young Folks/Music Tempo

    Ron Mackey wrote :
    > It's not really a question of patience, is it?   It is allowing
    > people to learn at their own pace.
    This reminded me of a girl, aged about 8, who came to one of my classes many 
    years ago.
    She was bright and intelligent  -  but her skip change was 
    right-close-right-close-right, left-close-left-close-left  -  and at the end 
    of the season, 33 classes later, it was still the same.
    I thought that that would be that, but no, back she came, aged 9, 
    right-close-right-close-right, left-close-left-close-left.  She was one of 
    the most regular attenders I ever had.
    And back she came aged 10, right-close-right-close-right, 
    left-close-left-close-left.  I used to lie away at nights wondering what to 
    try next  -  as the class had a live musician, there were many 
    Back she came aged 11  -  and, one night, launched into the most perfect 
    skip change you ever did see in an 11 year old, topped by the most wonderful 
    smile on her face.
    I'd like to report that she is now a mainstay of some far-flung Branch  - 
    but if so, I do not know, because I never saw her again after that night. 
    Maybe this was something she had decided to master, and, when she did, she 
    moved on to mastering something else.  Whether she is in now SCD, or not, 
    I'm sure she is a success, because she had learned that, with perseverence, 
    one can achieve almost anything.
    John M Sturrock
    Cupar UK

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