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    zon-taanom April 4, 2006, 6:46 p.m. (Message 44980)

    Fw: MacNab Dances in diagrams

    We know that Angus has been working on this project since a long, long time
    (and we have an early draft dating June 2000 !) and had great difficulties
    in getting answers to queries regarding interpretations of the descriptions
    from the Society.  Luckily he got help from dancers around the world with
    longstanding experience of the MacNab dances from earlier times.
    With the successors of Pilling not being `the most responsive`, for what
    seems to us quite some time already, we really hope that now - with what
    seems to be the ´definitive` version of the booklet ready for publication -
    the Society will be able to quickly complete whatever negotiations have been
    holding up the printing (or whatever way of publication is possible).
    We think publication would be most timely. And, as two of the lucky few to
    have seen this handy booklet, we think it would be most helpful for
    Wanda van Taanom/ Hans van Zon
    The Hague Branch
    The Netherlands
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    > On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Jim Healy wrote:
    > > With regard to publication by the Society, that depends on the outcome
    > > discussions with the successors of Pilling who have not been the most
    > > responsive.
    > Any chance the Society would consider publishing the diagrams in PDF form
    > online, perhaps with a Creative Commons License (see
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