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  • Angus Henry

    Angus Henry April 2, 2006, 5:08 a.m. (Message 44946)

    Re: MacNab Dances in diagrams

    A couple of years ago the book was arranged to be an RSCDS  
    publication and was prepared for that purpose.    With assorted  
    delays, new structures etc, it still awaits finalisation.
    A few people have been very supportive and helpful in preparing and  
    checking the accuracy of the work, and with the passage of many  
    months and requests for progress I have printed and sent about half a  
    dozen only as proof copies to those people.   I am still happy to  
    allow copyright to the Society when they decide to go ahead with the  
    project, if they want.
    On 02-04-2006, at 6:23 , Eric Ferguson wrote:
    > Angus,
    > How are you intending to publish your MacNab diagrams?  As you have  
    > made
    > them, the copyright on the diagrams is yours, though the copyright  
    > holder
    > of the descriptions should be asked for permission to publish.
    > Perhaps you (and the RSCDS) could consider publishing them on a  
    > website,
    > for downloading, and to dispense with making printed copies unless a
    > significant demand arises.  This would allow anyone (world-wide) to  
    > print
    > them for him(her)self.  It is faster, simpler and cheaper to everyone.
    > If you want some amount (eg what would otherwise be needed for  
    > printing and
    > postage) to be donated to charity, you could add a note to that  
    > effect; I
    > am sure all will comply.
    > Happy dancing,
    > Eric
    > On 1 Apr 2006 at 5:19, Lydia Hedge wrote:
    >> Hello all,
    >> I have just received a "proof" copy of "The MacNab Dances in  
    >> diagrams" from
    >> the author of the diagrams - Angus Henry (Australia).
    >> What a massive effort he has expended!! It is 14 pages of (rather  
    >> larger
    >> than normal) Pilling like diagrams. Easy to read and accurate (as  
    >> far as I
    >> can tell - I am not familiar with ALL of the dances). A quick way  
    >> to refresh
    >> your memory on these (often complex) dances.
    >> It contains detailed diagrammatic representations of the 27 dances  
    >> collected
    >> by Mary Isdale MacNab and published by the RSCDS in "Scottish Dances"
    >> Volumes I and II plus two other dances published earlier in the RSCDS
    >> leaflet sets "Traditional Scottish Dances".
    >> My original understanding was that the RSCDS was going to take Angus'
    >> idea and fly with it, but I have heard no more about it, so I am  
    >> really
    >> pleased to have a proof copy for the interim. It would be good to  
    >> know when
    >> (and if) HQ is planning to publish this booklet (or one like it).
    >> I think many dancers and teachers (especially, because of the extra
    >> notations to help them) would benefit from these diagrams.
    >> Well done, Angus!! And thank you.
    >> Regards,
    >> Lydia Hedge
    >> Nova Scotia, Canada
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