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  • Andrea Re

    Andrea Re March 29, 2006, 10:52 p.m. (Message 44897)

    Re: The RSCDS Constitution

    john.m.sturrock ha scritto:
    Hi there,
    funnily enough almost at the same time as John's posting I got an e-mail 
    from Martina (IB & Central Germany) asking what I thought of the 
    proposed changes to the constitution.
    I have accessed the RSCDS website and, following John's instructions, I 
    found the relevant file (I confess that I couldn't find it before....). 
    People will be glad to know that I don't have the time for a long 
    message at this moment in time, so I shall ask only one question:
    why should I care about the proposed changes? I am not terribly into 
    RSCDS politics at high level and certainly my understanding of the pro's 
    and con's of having so many members on the Education committee or 
    whether there should be a position of Management Committee Convenor 
    elect is non existent. I am sure that these proposals along with the 
    others are indeed worthy of approval, but how is that going to affect my 
    life as a dancer/teacher in Dundee one way or another?
    Andrea (fae Dundee)
    John highlights the problem of, for example, the dwindling membership, 
    but what has got to do with the proposed changes? I leave John's message 
    here for reference.
    > I had expected this to prompt a lengthy debate on  strathspey.  
    > Instead, almost at the same time, a discussion started regarding 
    > chords. This took on a life of its own, lasting a week, to the 
    > exclusion of most other topics. While very interesting in itself, 
    > nothing that was said was ever likely to change the future of SCD  -  
    > as one correspondent remarked, it is always likely that each area will 
    > stick to its own customs.  Now that that discussion has run its 
    > course, perhaps we might turn back to the topic that could be 
    > significant to the future  -  the re-writing of the RSCDS 
    > Constitution.  Membership of the Society has roughly halved over the 
    > last 16 years, and we must be coming to some sort of crunch.  Added to 
    > that, my own observations of dancing in many places lead me to 
    > estimate that less than 10% of those dancing regularly in the Milligan 
    > tradition, are actually members of the Society.
    > The current Constitution was ratified less than 17 months ago, and the 
    > previous Constitution only 24 months before that.  Given the current 
    > situation of the Society, one has to wonder if constant re-writing is 
    > in its own best interests, if the new one will prove any more workable 
    > than the old, and if limited management time would not be better 
    > employed facing problems within the bounds of the existing 
    > Constitution(s)?
    > The proposed new Constitution can be found on the Society website by 
    > logging in as a member, in the top right hand corner, BEFORE clicking 
    > either 'What's Changed'  or  'News'.   Among other things, it appears 
    > to grant future responsibility for future Constitutions, to a newly 
    > shrunk Management Board.
    > I think debate could be very illuminating.  Someone, somewhere, 
    > perhaps far from Scotland, might just bring up something that changes 
    > the course of SCD...
    > John M Sturrock
    > Cupar UK

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