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  • Jinkdiddle

    Jinkdiddle Feb. 13, 2006, 3:26 p.m. (Message 44237)

    Re: History question: were SCD actually taught to girl guides

    In a message dated 2/12/2006 5:29:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
    However,  I find no mention of whether that
    was actually achieved and if so, how long  it lasted.
    Not only was SCD taught in Guides - there was a merit badge for  SCD.  It was 
    one of the first I earned - so that would have been in the  early 60s.  
    I just pulled out my uniform (I, who claim NOT to be a pack rat!) and the  
    badge depicts a female "chuchter" - just as I recalled.  I suppose the  
    limitations of machine embroidery and available space rendered the figure  somewhat 
    stylised!  She is dressed in what appears to be a tartan dress  (the only badge 
    I possessed that had any red in it - most were just green  thread on a black 
    field); she has her left arm on top of her head (monkey  fashion), her right 
    arm flailing in the wind; she is wearing what I now  interpret as a sash, flying 
    free (though I always thought it resembled bobbing  pigtails) and is hopping 
    on her right foot with her left foot crossed (YES, I do  mean crossed!) in 
    front of her left leg just below the knee.
    Enough history?  :)
    Moira Turner
    Chesterfield VA

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