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  • Andrew Buxton

    Andrew Buxton Feb. 9, 2006, 11:10 a.m. (Message 44200)

    Re: Mapping RSCDS (more high-tech toys)

    It has put our club (Brighton) in the sea!  I imagine it doesn't go
    any more accurately than the town?
      Andrew Buxton
      Brighton, UK
    Alexandre Rafalovitch <> wrote:
    I think the basic concept is one person - one marker (per map); so
    probably not too people. Though I do see people somehow added things
    twice. I don't think they get two locations though.
    I think you can create two accounts. Alternative, if you give me the
    address details (post code, website url, etc.), I will manually add
    them in with the infrormation. I can also delete members from the map
    if you get totally lost.
    It would also be nice to add some more remote branches. I found a
    website for one of the group in Lyon (France), have to email to them.
    Do we have anybody from Japan on this list to convince to add
    Also, I am happy to resolve the problems offlist to avoid annoying other people.
    On 2/8/06, John Chambers wrote:
    > Alex wrote:
    > | I know that RSCDS website has a map of branches, but I thought it
    > | might be nice to try making one that is fast and easy to update (and
    > | plays with modern technology).
    > |
    > | For that, I have created a RSCDS map at:
    > |
    > | Check it out and add your group to the map (perhaps with group's
    > | website URL). It should be fairly easy, but if anybody is having
    > | problems, let me know offline and I will try to help.
    > Funny thing; I'd put a marker on a frappr map for another group that
    > I'm a part of, and then when nobody else from Boston added the local
    > branch, I decided to do it. Disaster! My two entries are both there,
    > hopelessly garbled together. I've been trying to figure out how to
    > fix it, or remove one of them; total failure. Apparently it didn't
    > occur to them that someone might actually be in two groups.
    Andrew Buxton
    Lewes, East Sussex, UK
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