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  • Martin

    Martin Feb. 2, 2006, 9:04 a.m. (Message 44042)

    Re: Eccles Rant - No Answers?

    No, answers, but a comment or two:
    > 1. Would you face out on bar 8 (ready to cast), or  would  you complete 
    > the
    > Petronella turn, and then begin to cast on  bar 9?
    Personal taste? proneness to guidy turns?
    Need there be a rule (I'm thinking social dancing, not demos) ?
    > 2. The instructions specify that second couple move up on bars 11  to  12.
    > But, if the aim is to be helpful to first couple, they  should rather 
    > step
    > up on bars 9 to 10
    Typical of written instructions where the timing is often quite arbitrary.
    Suc hmatters could well be left to the common sense of thedancrs -- most of 
    us have been to school.
    > 3. As first couple,  would you retain nearer hands on bar 16, ready for 
    > the
    > circle with  the second couple.
    See above.
    Too many rules.
    And you wonder why the younger generation is not too keen on SCD?
    in Grenoble, France. 

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