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  • Thomas G. Mungall, III

    Thomas G. Mungall, III Feb. 1, 2006, 3:17 p.m. (Message 44016)

    Sgian Dubh was Scottish Country Dancing VS Scottish Folk Dancing

    Don't we usually see the spelling as "sgian dubh"?
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    From: "Richard Goss" <>
    Speaking of a "sgean dubh". At one time I was a writer for the St Andrews
    Citizen doing music reviews. In one of my reviews, I reported on a group
    that called itself, "Skiin´ Doo", which is how I spelled it, but on Thursday
    when the paper came out they had changed the spelling to "Sgean Dubh".
    Unfortunately they did not look at the accompanying photo, where the lads
    all had matching t-sirts, showing a pigeon on skiis.

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