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  • mlbrown

    mlbrown Oct. 17, 2001, 5:12 p.m. (Message 27920)

    Re: Men dancing as ladies

    Ken wrote:
    > When teaching an intermediate or advanced class in the past, at some point
    > in the course, I would have the entire set change sides, so that
    > everyone was doing the dance from the other side. The learning at those
    > times is quicker and of different issues. I saw how the men had increased
    > awareness of the need to give a good leading hand or arm hold, and how the
    > women learned how important it was for them to offer a strong leading hold
    > when they were leading. Infact, all movements that involved 'leading'
    > improved after that class lesson was taught. (For example, allemande has
    > option for leading, whereas rights and lefts do not, so there was less
    > improvement).
    At St Andrews this year the one of the Teacher's classes worked at the dance
    Loch Leven Castle.
    We struggled with it for a fair while before we could all dance it
    reasonably well from either first or second place.
    Having struggled myself when teaching the dance, (we did it first as a
    strathspey, which enabled a few alternative versions - we did an allemande
    at the end to give some sort of progression), I then suggested that we all
    changed sides.
    What a shambles!!! I'm not quite sure what the lesson was, other than the
    "teachers" aren't any cleverer than the "taught",  --- and it is still a
    dance where all 4 people need to know what they are doing.

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