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  • Ian McHaffie

    Ian McHaffie Oct. 12, 2001, 2:45 p.m. (Message 27861)

    Re: Australian Ladies

    Thanks, Keith, for all the extra info. on the Ladies.
    Also, while I am typing, thanks retroactively for all the data work 
    you did so for so long which helped bring us to the place where we 
    are today!
    Ian McHaffie
    >        Of the four Australian ladies mentioned above, only on Elma See is
    >still actively involved with Scottish Country Dancing.   The dance was
    >written by Bob Campbell who was inspired by a photograph of a winning
    >competition team at the Highland Games on New years day in Sydney in the
    >early 60s.   He wrote the dance to a pipe tune,  Australian Ladies.  
    >Unfortunately, the Australian men in the team seem to have been forgotten. 
    >One of them, Heinz Duewell, was also at the Queensland winter school, still
    >dancing at 80.  Elma See's husband, Hugh was another, although no longer
    >Bob Campbell never came to either New Zealand or Australia, so the dance was
    >not written in New Zealand.
    >I remember first learning this dance, with the second and third couples
    >dancing rights and lefts with setting in bars 17 to 32, whereas in the
    >Glasgow Assembly book when published the second and third couples cross with
    >the right hands each time.  In my archives I have a typewritten copy of the
    >dance, source unidentified, in which the second and third couples dance
    >rights and lefts.
    >(Hays) Australian Ladies was written on 29th June 1966, but the dance was not
    >published until 1994, after Alec Hays death, thus it is not as well known.
    >Bob Campbells was written in May 1967, and was published in 1976.   The two
    >dances are completely different.   Hays instructions recommend the Music "Gay
    >Gordons" by Stan Hamilton and "The Flying Scotsman" in R.C.A. victor R.P.L.
    >3404.   The dance is named for the tune Australian Ladies used in the
    >Keith Napier
    >Sydney Australia

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