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  • Peter Hastings

    Peter Hastings Oct. 5, 2001, 10:10 a.m. (Message 27757)

    RE: Cribs

    > What I find very troubling is when I show up at a Ball or Dance Party
    > a Branch has only printed Pillings. It's as if the right handers are 
    > discriminating against the left handers, perhaps unintentionally, but 
    > possibly thoughtlessly...
    Pillings (the company) discourage this practice. If you pass on the names of
    the organisers who do this, then lawyers' letters will be sent promptly...
    Diagrams, cribs and verbal re-caps are provided at the organisers'
    discretion. If they're not there, live with it, suggest that they might be
    supplied in future and consider whether you want to go to such an event
    again. If you decide not to, don't just not attend - let the organisers know
    All forms of re-capping detract from the time available to dance. 
    As do socialising, eating and other associated activities...
    Peter Hastings
    Royal Observatory

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