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  • Cecilia Stolzer Grote

    Cecilia Stolzer Grote Oct. 2, 2001, 10:19 a.m. (Message 27651)

    RE: MP3 idea

    I thought the discussion was on out-of-print music.  It's extremely
    frustrating to find out that the perfect piece of music you've just heard
    is out of print, and no plans to re-issue it.    I think most of us agree
    about supporting our musicians, heck I own record/tape/CD of more
    recordings than I care to admit.  But how can you buy a CD of something,
    when it doesn't exist?
    Cecilia Stolzer-Grote
    RSCDS San Francisco Branch
    Message text written by
    Right on!
    I buy the CDs, and reburn the to CD or minidisc the track that I want to 
    listen too frequently...but I still have the CDs.
    In the English Country Dance group to which I belong, I purchase two CDs, 
    one for the group and one of me.
    The cost of music is cheap compared to the cost of not finding bands in the
    future when you need them.
    At 01:51 PM 10/1/2001 -0700, you wrote:
    >I am not a musician and I strongly object to the idea of sharing recorded 
    >tracks. I love all the great CDs and bands that we can enjoy. Few make a 
    >living from their playing and I feel we as dancers must support our 
    >musicians by buying their CDs.

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