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Golem (was The Brolum)

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    Iain Boyd April 17, 2006, midnight (Message 45058)

    You are thinking of 'golem', Richard.
      The following is from Wikipedia - 
      A golem (sometimes [as in Yiddish] pronounced goilem) is an animated
      being which is crafted from inanimate material. In modern Hebrew the
      word golem denotes "fool", "silly", or even "stupid", "clue-less",
      and "dumb", and literally means "cocoon". The name appears to derive
      from the word gelem, which means "raw material".
      Iain Boyd
    "" <> wrote:
      Hi Jan. Only thing I can think of is an Eastern European monster made 
    of mud and rubbish that gets revenge on those who mistreat Jews.
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