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Teaching Rights and Lefts (was Modern technology in preparation for the prelim?)

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    Iain Boyd Feb. 7, 2006, 3:38 a.m. (Message 44169)

    I usually teach 'rights and lefts' to beginners as follows - 
      1.     I start by teaching a 'grand chain' with everyone in one
      large circle - to get everyone used to moving in the one direction.
      2.     I then shift them into 4-couple longwise sets (it the numbers
      allow it) and walk through a 4-couple grand chain starting with 1C
      and 4C crossing and 3C and 4C changing.
      3.     I then drop off 4C and walk through a 3-couple grand chain.
      4.     I then drop off 3C and walk through a 2-couple 'grand chain'.
      It is only at this point that I tell them that the figure is
      actually called 'rights and lefts'.
      5.     I then tidy up the shape and dance the figure with skip change.
      Occasionally, one or two will still have problems with direction and
      try to turn back or add a 'courtesy' turn but far, far fewer than
      when I used to teach the figure as 'rights and lefts' from the
      Iain Boyd
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