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    Adam Hughes Jan. 31, 2006, 3:18 p.m. (Message 43990)

    Hi all,
    Well, just to prove that most young people in the UK don't care, the
    Inter Varisty *Folk* Dance Festival 2006, will be holding a Scottish
    *Country* Dance as part of the procedings on the 25th February 2006. 
    Everyone of every age* and ability is welcome.
    Visit for details of the programme, tickets
    and venue. (Which are respectively aimed at new dancers, available by
    post or on the door and in Nether Hall School, Cambridge.)
    The festival lasts all weekend.  We have Scottish workshops: Beginers
    and Intermediate Country Classes; Highland and Ladies Step (now surely
    Ladies Step is not "folk"...); and an SCD conversion course for all
    the... erm... folk dancers who know the moves but not the names.
    Andrew Kellett will be coming from London to teach the beginners, as
    well as our local teachers Alison Gundy, Kirsty Urquhart and Carmel
    In addition there is a weekend of various dance workshops from Bharata
    Natyam to Kentucky Running Set, Maypole to Rock'n'Roll.  More than 40
    all together.
    For music, we'll be importing Sandy Brechin from Scotland, and bringing
    contra from Ohio in the form of Changeling and Diane Silver, as well as
    showcasing the best English folk and country dance bands from the
    Southeast of England.
    I'm pretty sure there'll be some informal kilt wearing too...
    IVFDF is grateful to the RSCDS and Ron Nedderman for financial support.
    Hope to see some of you there (and sorry that some of you live too far
    away...  although we have people coming from the US, Germany and
    Cambridge, UK.
    * Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
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