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The Cranberry Tart Might Go to Bath: why don't you come along to?

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    Fiona Grant March 19, 2006, 12:51 p.m. (Message 44743)

    Dear Ron, and everyone 
    Re: last week i went to a dayschool and learnt a new dance called the
    cranberry tart which i liked very much....
    In reply to your friend about obtaining the original publication of The
    Cranberry Tart: I believe the book can be ordered from Nora Sutherland at
    TAC Books
    Or direct from Terry Glasspool:
    Eric Finley taught the dance at a lively and energetic Borders Day School in
    Fleet last weekend. 
    He’s coming to visit us on April Fool’s Day. 
    Come and join us in Bath?
    More details below,
    Happy Dancing Everyone,
    Bristol, UK
    RSCDS Bath Branch
    Day School
    Saturday 1st April 2006
    Colerne Village Hall (7 miles NE of Bath)

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