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  • Anselm Lingnau

    Anselm Lingnau June 21, 2006, 8:48 p.m. (Message 45621)

    Re: Double triangles (was Divided by a common language)

    James Tween wrote:
    > Could you describe "actual" double (tri)angles for those of me who wants a
    > little more info than the general sketch you gave?
    The Wilson document in question is available from the Strathspey Server (in 
    PDF, thanks to the US Library of Congress), at
    The description of »the double triangle« is on page 155 of the PDF.
    For those of you who are understandably loth to download a 9-MB PDF file, I 
    have put up the relevant bit at
    It is a picture with explanations that do not make a lot of sense without the 
    Anselm Lingnau, Frankfurt, Germany .....................
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