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  • James Tween

    James Tween June 21, 2006, 8:06 p.m. (Message 45620)

    Re: Double triangles (was Divided by a common language)

    Could you describe "actual" double (tri)angles for those of me who wants a 
    little more info than the general sketch you gave?
    Preston, England
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    Subject: Re: Double triangles (was Divided by a common language)
    Not quite so, since there are no triangles in the first place, since
    the corners to not touch hands with each other I would go for "double
    angles" two for the man, and two for the woman.
    Aside, the figure is an error in the first place. It was so defined by
    the RSCDS in a revival of a dance taken from notes. Unfortunately, no
    one either had access to, or had checked Wilson´s description of the
    figure, which simply describes the track of a single couple, from
    starting place moving anticlockwise around the outside of the two
    corners, forming for both the pattern of the star of David on the floor.

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