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  • Sue Willdig and Roger Picken

    Sue Willdig and Roger Picken June 14, 2006, 11:56 p.m. (Message 45553)

    Re: Floor space per set?

    We reckon the minimum reasonable space you need for a rectangular set is 3.6
    metres x 5.2 metres (18.72 m2 per set). However 25 m2 per set feels more
    comfortable, and the shape of the room is an important factor! We've booked
    150 m2 for 6 sets for our Beginners' Weekend in September. For the 2005
    Iberian Weekend in Lisbon, we had between
    18 and 20 sets in about 420 m2, and we felt this was acceptable (21.00 -
    23.33 m2 per set).
    If you want to convert these measures into feet and inches, you might find
    the following site useful
    Incidentally, there are still a limited number of places left for our
    Beginners' Weekend (not just for beginners!). If anyone reading this message
    knows of someone who may be interested, please direct them to "Events"
    section of
    Roger Picken
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    Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 18:42:19 -0400
    From: "S. K. Graham" <>
    Subject: Floor space per set?
    To: "SCD news and discussion" <>
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    I'm calling around to various dance studios and other facilities to see if
    some of them have reasonably priced sprung wood floors (please, no
    laughter), and I'm trying to get a guess for about how many sets can fit in
    different sized rooms.
    I have some intuitive ideas about how much space a set occupies, but I'm not
    sure I can convert them into numbers.  So does anyone have any guidelines
    for how much space you need for a set in SCD (or for different numbers of
    Keith Graham
    Atlanta, GA, USA

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