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  • Jan E Rudge

    Jan E Rudge June 12, 2006, 4:56 p.m. (Message 45526)

    Re: Regarding Dance Technique and Etiquette

    Martin wrote:
    < why do (some) SCDers turn their orthodox handshake into a kind
    of knot, twisting their wrists in order to get a firm grip in
    2-bar turns? That is something I am not at all keen on. >
    Actually I was taught to turn that way some 40 years ago (a children's
    class with an RSCDS teacher).  We used to practice the different
    holds by doing slower turns and faster turns so that at any time we
    could take either hold, or change from one hold to the other, smoothly
    and easily.
    It's only recently I've realised that the RSCDS don't seems to advocate
    the closer hold any more...  When did this change slip in?
    Beaconsfield, UK
    RSCDS London Branch
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