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  • Marie Disiewicz

    Marie Disiewicz May 12, 2006, 11:53 p.m. (Message 45273)

    Re: New Scottish Dance Video and DVD

    Now here is a treasure!!!!!!. Of course TACSound will have it in stock when 
    it is released.
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    Subject: New Scottish Dance Video and DVD
    > Anita Mackenzie, who is well known to many on this list as one of the 
    > leading exponents and teachers of SCD, Old Time and
    > Ballroom has just released her sixth dance video.  This latest video which 
    > is also being released in DVD format acknowledges the
    > "crossover of four different forms of Scottish social dancing;  Old Time, 
    > Ceilidh, Sequence and SCD.  In the past, these dance
    > forms were separate, but now more and more social dance programmes in 
    > Scotland feature dances from all of these styles.  In
    > this latest production, which is introduced by another well known teacher 
    > of SCD and Old Time dancing, Jessie Stuart of
    > Dufftown, you will have an opportunity to see and learn 56 of the most 
    > popular dances from the four styles.  The dances are
    > demonstrated by talented dancers who are expert in all of these dance 
    > forms.  The excellent musical accompaniment is provided by
    > George Meikle for the Ballroom and Quadrilles and by David Anderson for 
    > the Ceilidh and SCD.
    > The dances featured are grouped into eight sections: Quicksteps, Swings, 
    > Waltzes, Foxtrots and Saunters, Latin, Ceilidh, SCD
    > and a special section of Quadrilles.
    > For more information please follow this link: 
    > Alan Macpherson

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