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  • Breest, Anja

    Breest, Anja May 12, 2006, 2:56 p.m. (Message 45263)

    The Swan

    I have a question about a dance again.
    "The Swan" was on a ball programm I attended some years ago.
    I only have crib notes of it and have difficulties to interpret the last 8
          bars and can't remember how we have done it.
    THE SWAN (S8x32) 2c (4C set) Aoteaora Coll. (NZ)
    1-8   All set, 1L & 2M cross RH for two, all cross LH on the Sidelines, All
    9-16  1L & 2L cast off one place (men step up about a half place), 1L & 2L
          lead up the middle to face partner,
          All turn partner 1½ RH for four, finishing 1c facing down, 2c facing
    17-24 Allemande to change places: 1c start down to the Right, Quarter turn,
    Quarter turn, step to pass 2c,
          Quarter turn, step in-and-under, fall back, while 2c do the same
    starting up to the Right, ... . 1c finish on opposite side of dance.
    The "Original Crib" is:
    25-32 All set; 1c cast off one place, __ cross diagonally LH, cast up___,
          while 2c lead up, cast down, lead up.
    Well, I don't know what "cross diagonally LH" means.
    And then, if 1c cast up while 2c lead up (and it is a 2C dance) they will
          end on the same place...
    My interpretation is:
    25-32 All set; 1c cast off one place, ___cross up, cast down___, while 2c
          lead up, cast down, lead up.
    Does anybody know the original and can clear this?
    Or does anybody has a different interpretation?
    Thank you,

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