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  • Eve Lubin

    Eve Lubin May 6, 2006, 4:55 a.m. (Message 45175)

    Re: corrected information re Ann Skipper

    on 5/4/06 7:03 PM, at wrote:
     a little more information - I can't remember anyone contacting me and I
    certainly woudn't have given out that information because I hadn't been in
    contact with the Skippers and had no reason to believe that they had been
    moved to anywhere. Thanks, Eve
    > On April 24th Richard Goss posted a message on the Strathspey stating that on
    > a visit to Los Angeles last spring he had gone by the Skipper home on Beverly
    > Drive and had found new occupants there and that he had then contacted the
    > Lubins (Eve and Jerry) and had been told by them that Peter and Ann "because
    > of 
    > age and health problems...had been moved to a residential home by their kids."
    > None of this is the case.
    > Somewhat in doubt about this, Grace Lovell, a dancer of the MacLeod Dancers,
    > which Ann Skipper once and long directed, called Neil MacLeod, who, just to be
    > certain, telephoned the Skippers directly.  And they are still in their same
    > longtime home on Beverly Drive.  They no longer do e-mail, but if anyone would
    > like to have Ann's telephone number, please contact me privately.
    > Robb Quint
    > Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

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