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  • Thomas G. Mungall, III

    Thomas G. Mungall, III April 19, 2006, 3:52 p.m. (Message 45081)

    Re: Instruction and music for the "Irish Washerwoman."

    Pat, It is the same figure only we call it "Back to Back". Easier to
    remember than Allemande which to me denotes something completely different.
    ;-)  Of course, this nomenclature is very confusing to a Scottish country
    dancer! The first time our vintage dance teacher said "back to back" I took
    him literally and danced a do se do.  :-D
    A back to back allemande is difficult when attempting this dance with either
    an inexperienced dancer or, when the height of the dancers are disparate. I
    once danced this dance with a young lady (high school age) who isn't even 5
    feet tall and I'm 6'4". It was difficult for both of us but not as difficult
    as attempting the "Claire Lancers" with a couple with disparate height!
    YIKES! Try the "big christmas" figure when the man is tall and the woman
    very short, she could be dangling all the way around!
    I got the instructions for the Irish Washerwoman last night and it appears
    that the dance is basically the same as the one you posted only with
    slightly different nomenclature.
    Irish Washerwoman
    Long line of dancers, Gents on one side of set and Ladies on other, Gents
    face down set and Ladies face up set, number couples as odd and even (1-2)
    All dancers chasse across set L (smile at your partner) and balance (step up
    and back),
    return with chasse to R and balance
    16 Counts
    "Back to Back" -- R hand allemande (R shoulders touching)
    to L hand allemande (L shoulders touching)
    16 Counts
    Odd-Couples (1s) chasse down set, balance to each other
    8 Counts
    Chasse back up the set and cast around even couple (2s)
    8 Counts
    Four hands around (circle) to left and return to R
     16 Counts
    Continue down the set
    Yours aye,
    Tom Mungall
    Baton Rouge, La, USA
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    > Is it the same figure? What do you call it?
    > Pat
    > > That's the part I forgot! We call it something else though.
    > >
    > > Tom Mungall
    > > Baton Rouge, La, USA
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