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  • L. Friedman-Shedlov

    L. Friedman-Shedlov April 17, 2006, 7:22 p.m. (Message 45066)

    Re: International Dance Council - Final instructions

    On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, David Yee wrote:
    > So much venom directed at the IDC/CID!
    > My impression is that all the related e-mail I received came from the 
    > Strathspey server.
    > I doubt that Adamantia Angeli (what a great name!) would have my 
    > address - unless I were to contact her asking to remove me from her 
    > list!
    > And she has a point - what are the problems?  Does the International 
    > Dance Council exist legally?  Are they having a 20th World Congress on 
    > Dance Research?  Did previously advertised events take place?  Was 
    > anyone ripped off?
    I agree, the recent flurry of messages seem mostly prompted by the fact 
    that somehow or other, messages from this organization were getting 
    posted on the strathspey server.
    However, there are a number of us who have been receiving messages from 
    this organization for months or years (not through Strathspey) and have 
    been unable to get our addresses removed from the mailing list. 
    Regardless of what the organization does or doesn't do, it is annoying to 
    receive unwanted e-mail messages.  That is the problem.
    I have attempted to follow the removal instructions posted by Alexandre. 
    It will be impossible to know the results until a few weeks have passed 
    without receiving any spam from them.
    / Lara
    Lara Friedman~Shedlov               "Librarians -- Like Google, but                       warm-blooded"

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