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  • Phill Jones

    Phill Jones April 14, 2006, 12:33 a.m. (Message 45048)

    RE: International Dance Council

    You are not alone.  I have received the mail(s) too.  And, just to annoy
    me, it's come in on my almost brand new e-mail address, suggestig they
    are using the Strathspey server to get their spammable addresses.
    Bas***ds!!! (sorry for that small outburst :-D).  So, if they are still
    receiving our mails PLEASE REMOVE ME NOW!!!
    Phill Jones
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    Behalf Of Andrea Re
    Sent: 13 April 2006 22:43
    To: SCD news and discussion
    Subject: Re: International Dance Council
    Hi there,
    I seem to be getting spammed by the above CID. I have received two
    e-mails sent to members to this list, but with my address on.....
    Make it three: Alexander, Pia and Phil. Am I the only one?
    Andrea (fae Dundee)

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