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  • Sophie Rickebusch

    Sophie Rickebusch April 12, 2006, 5:46 p.m. (Message 45020)

    Re: International Dance Council

    Thanks for that Alex! I've just tried it, hope it works (yep, I'm also on their
    list). If not, I might try calling a member of my family who used to work at
    UNESCO - she might know who's got the clout to give the CID an official rap on
    the knuckles (or whatever) if we all complain. Anyway, please all keep us posted
    on your success (or lack thereof) in getting off their list.
    (Off to go and post my report for unit 4 (TC part 2) - phew, glad that's done!)
    Sophie Rickebusch
    CH - Wettswil a. A.
    On Wed Apr 12 11:05 , 'Alexandre Rafalovitch' sent:
    > I found the final option:

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