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  • ParadiseMO

    ParadiseMO March 30, 2006, 4:46 a.m. (Message 44902)

    St. Louis BALL and WORKSHOP with Lara Friedman-Shedlov JUNE 23-25

    The Highland Mist Scottish Country Dancers of St. Louis, Missouri/Illinois  
    USA proudly announce a SCOTTISH COUNTRY BALL and WORKSHOP WEEKEND with Lara  
    Friedman-Shedlov of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    JUNE 23-25, 2006
    Lara will be teaching a dancers' workshop and a teachers' workshop.   There 
    will be an evening ball, with a walkthru in the afternoon.  NOTE: all  dances 
    will be walked thru at the ball in the evening as  well. And there will also be 
    a brunch on Sunday.
    Details for the event, and all dance instructions, are on the Highland Mist  
    Scottish Country Dancers website -
    Justine's Delight   waltz  Wee Hoose On The  Mississippi
    Hasten To Your Feet  jig  Schneider: leaflet
    The Clansman  reel  RSCDS Book 32
    Mary Hamilton  strathspey  Drewry: Canadian Book
    EH3 7AF  jig   RSCDS Book 40 
    The Balgeddie Reel   reel   Brandon: Memories of  Fyfe
    The Bridge of Nairn   strathspey   RSCDS Book 13
    Snow On The Mountain   jig   Friedman-Shedlov: White  Rose of Scotland
    St. Bernard's Waltz   waltz   Traditional
    Domino Five   reel    4th Carnforth Book
    Dark Lochnagar   strathspey  Ian Boyd
    Miss Hadden's Reel   jig   RSCDS Book 23
    The Chrysanthemum   reel   Betty Grant
    Monymusk   strathspey   RSCDS Book 11
    Odd Man Out   reel   Twenty Years, Twenty Dances
    EMAIL SENT by Doug Schneider, _xxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xxx_ 

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