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  • Charles Upton

    Charles Upton March 24, 2006, 11:39 p.m. (Message 44872)

    Two Chords

    Hi, most of the replies that I see against 2 chords, seem to come from
    teachers and maybe they have good reason.  However, I'm not a teacher
    but often am the MC but I don't seem to meet the many problems that
    have been mentioned.
    If we have a live band I check with the band that the dance will be
    preceded by 2 chords and that if a encore is needed, it will be
    preceded by 1 chord.  If this is agreed then I don't have to make any
    statement whatsoever as this is the norm.
    Incidentally, we do not have any briefings or walk throughs unless it
    is a Beginners Ball, crib sheets have been previously issued (Minicrib
    of course!) and most dancers have done their homework, though maybe
    the local clubs have practised the more difficult dances beforehand.
    If the dance is to recorded music (usually I am also the DJ), I don't
    play CDs as I try to keep them in pristine condition, also I find CDs
    inconvenient to use and that they usually contain many tracks that I
    never use.  All the tracks I ever require have been previously
    recorded onto MiniDiscs (no-one ever mentions MiniDiscs but the
    standard box of 20 discs can contain more than 500 dances which are
    all titled!) and having recorded a 2 chord dance it is very easy to
    divide the dance into 2 tracks (the tracks are automatically
    numbered), the first track contains the first chord only and the
    second has the second chord followed by the required music.
    To start the dance I play track 1 and it naturally runs on with track
    2 and there is no break when it changes to track 2.  For the encore I
    simply play track 2.  This ensures that if the 2 chords are different
    the difference is maintained.
    I don't need to give any instructions other than announce the dance
    (and that's surplus as everyone has a programme) and check that the
    sets are complete (if we follow ECD methods even that is not
    I find it hard to appreciate the problem so please keep the 2 chords,
    1 chord will certainly confuse the dancers and will turn me into a
    sergeant major issuing orders -"By the Right 3s and 4s cross Over" (Oh
    No!).  I wonder how many times a tune is played when teaching as
    against playing for a Dance
    Charles Upton

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