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  • Jim Healy

    Jim Healy March 23, 2006, 9:59 a.m. (Message 44857)

    Re: Dashing White Sergeant (was Two Chords)

    In reply to my original post Chris Ronald writes:
    >In fact, I don't remember hearing it ( a four bar intro) on a recording,  
    The most recent I know of is Bobby Crowe's Step in Time cassette that I have 
    had transferred to CD. I don't know if that is available commercially. I 
    have also tried, with some success, to reintroduce it when I am MC - the 
    bands have no problem with it and, unlike dancing to the pipes, the majority 
    of less experienced dancers seem to cope as long as they are warned.
    Jim Healy
    Perth and Monaco

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