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  • Peter McClure

    Peter McClure March 21, 2006, 11:32 p.m. (Message 44825)

    RE: Two Chords

     From George Meikle:
    >... a
    >totally unnatural second chord. ...
    I haven't been keeping a count, but I have a feeling that most of the 
    musicians who have posted on this topic have been against the second 
    chord.  I think that ought to count for quite a lot.  Re how to get 
    people to the right starting places, why can't the MC, after the sets 
    have been completed but before the music starts, remind the dancers 
    about any such moves that may be needed.  And if, as Ian suggested, 
    only half are listening (and presumably, haven't already been aware 
    of where they need to be), I wonder what chance the dance has, anyhow.
    As far as the RSCDS making the change official, I wouldn't hold my 
    breath.  Consider the situation a year or two ago, when the question 
    of dropping the convention that men start the quick time poussette on 
    the left foot was raised.  The report in the Bulletin had about a 
    column and a half of apparently sensible reasons for dropping the 
    convention.  In favour of retaining it:  this is how we've always 
    done it.  The decision:  no change.
    Peter McClure
    Winnipeg, MB

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